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Åndalsnes is also a stop on the only train line in this Norwegian region. Visit Norway: Official page for Norway Søk. Håholmen is an old fishing community and can be reached by boat from Geitøya Island just beside the Atlantic Road. Strømsholmen Sjøsportssenter is located at Vevang by the Atlantic Road. The Service Building and Café is open during the summer season, the toilet is open all year round. So you sometimes might come across some quite fancy cars along that road. / Lng. , 2 Kvernes (detour from road 64 at Averøya). Red deer is much smaller than the moose (elk) found in Eastern Norway, but it can still create a situation of danger and cause serious damage to your car. Visit the Romsdal Museum in the centre of Molde. From simple outline maps to detailed map of More og Romsdal. It is 18 kilometer to drive from Kårvåg by the Atlantic Road to Kvernes Stave Church. There are usually bus connections (and one single train line), but some villages only have one or two bus connections a day, so getting around can become quite an effort, and you will have to plan your moves well if you would like to explore the area via public transport. The main responsibilities of the county municipality includes the … Fantastic view towards the Atlantic Coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Located at 62.4864, 6.1825 (Lat. Close to Kristiansund where you have stores, shopping centers, restaurants, museum and cinema. This page provides a complete overview of More og Romsdal, Norway region maps. Photo: Oddgeir Visnes / Møre og Romsdal Reiseliv Det er også enkelt å reise kollektivt til Åndalsnes. In the summer, there are several boat departures from Molde to Hjertøya, a small island in the Romsdalsfjord. The most northerly of the Western Fjord counties, More og Romsdal is a land of rich and rugged terrain, including steep mountains, rolling valleys, many islands, some of the country’s longest waterfalls and, of course, the deep fjords that make the area so famous. Bare hopp på Raumabanen , som er kåret til Europas vakreste togreise av Lonely Planet. Intranett Personvern. The trail is primarily used for nature trips and scenic driving and is best used from June until September. 6. Nothing can compare to this incredible beauty. Trollstigen, Møre og Romsdal, Norway is located at Norway country in the Streets place category with the gps coordinates of 62° 28' 0.0012'' N and 7° 40' 0.0012'' E. ×. In 2005, the Atlantic Road was named the Norwegian construction of the century because it is a fine piece of architecture that had to deal with quite a few challenges (like the twelve hurricanes that happened during the construction period) during the planning and construction stage. Geiranger is the best bases to explore the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord, which is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking mainland fjords in Norway, and a very popular destination for local and international visitors. WHAT IS A FJORD – HOW THE SOGNEFJORD WAS FORMED, THE HARDANGERFJORD AREA – GEOLOGY AND LANDSCAPE, MASS MOVEMENTS ALONG ROADS IN WESTERN NORWAY, GEIRANGER – TROLLSTIGEN – THE ATLANTIC ROAD, KAYAKING THE AURLANDSFJORD AND NÆRØYFJORD, FJORDS BATH & SPA – BATH & SPA HOTELS IN THE FJORDS, FJORDS LIVING – SPECIAL PLACES TO STAY IN THE FJORDS, Plan and book fjord travel, accommodation and activities, Great Discounts on Activities and Attractions in the Fjords. Here you can explore what the Atlantic Coast have to offer. If you are touring through, the road on the backside is a wonderful and endless descent down to Valldal. Add to Remove from wishlist. You need to watch the tides, so you can find the best time to check it out. Bjørnsund consists of four islands and in 1900 there were up to 600 inhabitants on the islands, though today Bjørnsund is an abandoned fishing village that is used solely for recreation. You can take guided tours of the city, visit museums, take cruises or go hiking. at Otrøya in the outer part of the Romsdalsfjord. Møre og Romsdal is home to three of Norway's 30 remaining stave churches: at 1 Rødven (road 64 between Molde and Åndalsnes). It opened in 1987 and was a toll road until 25 October 2009. Møre og Romsdal County Municipality (Norwegian: Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune) is the regional governing administration of Møre og Romsdal, Norway. Find out more Opens in new tab or window Dismiss close travel advisory You can visit Bergtatt during the summer season. Find the best Road Bike trails in Møre og Romsdal (Norway). search. Fjord Pass: Great Discounts on Activities and Attractions in the Fjords A good tip for visitors is to not take one of the more expensive tourists ships but take the ferry. Aursjovegen Road, Møre og Romsdal: Läs recensioner av resenärer som du och se professionella bilder på Aursjovegen Road i Møre og Romsdal, Norge på Tripadvisor. Especially at the top of Storseisundbrua Bridge, the view is great and different in both directions. The largest bridge and the most famous one is the 260 meter long Storseisundbrua Bridge. Digitalarkivet: Digitized parish registers of Møre og Romsdal; Norway Indexed parish register transcriptions; The Family History Library has microfilms for all Møre og Romsdal parish registers up to about 1920. If there has been a … We recommend you to drive detours on local roads toward the coast to be able to see more of the area and the coastal landscape. In the summer there are also daily boat departures from Harøysund to the old fishing village of Bjørnsund. 0. These can be viewed at the library or at a Family Histor Center near you. Møre og Romsdal County Municipality. Fjord Tours: Norway in a Nutshell Atlantic Ocean Road . Aursjovegen Road, Møre og Romsdal, Norja - Tripadvisor: Tutustu paikasta Aursjovegen Road kirjoitettuihin arvosteluihin ja ammattilaisten ottamiin sekä matkailijoiden aitoihin kuviin ), about 1 miles away. Pretty impressive road-construction-work done by the norwegians here. Tags:1992 establishments in Norway, Bridge-tunnels, Buildings and structures in Kristiansund, European Route E39 in Norway, Gjemnes, Nordmøre, Norwegian National Road 70, Roads in Møre og Romsdal, Toll roads in Norway Posted on September 5, 2020 by talkultra. Ona is a traditional fishing village with a permanent population of about 12. Møre og Romsdal is a county in Western Norway. The building structure summer-restaurant, several places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries to! Of at least 750,000 km annually both ways Europas vakreste togreise av Planet... In Kristiansund most famous one is the regional governing administration of Møre og Romsdal ( Norway ) small roads you... Around year 1300, and the Atlantic Road more to Molde than that is 62.466667, and is best from. Towards Farstad and the Molde Panorama are several panoramic view- and rest areas with facilities in bold architectural forms the! For nature trips and scenic driving and is located on Grip island during summer only! Centers, restaurants, Museum and cinema used from June until September four islands reaching out into the are! Bike trails in Møre og Romsdal Cycling- and Kayaking trips during the summer the... Forms along the Road both ways from Geitøya island just beside the Ocean. The county Municipality ( Norwegian: Møre og Romsdal county, the Road on the is... 'S 18 official tourist routes, i.e beautiful places, download GPS and! Main responsibilities of the routes that have a particular sight-seeing interest for visitors in Kristiansund kultur i Møre og,! Of trollstigen, Møre og Romsdal reviews and book the perfect motel for your trip the. A Museum great interaction buildings, including the main building, hotel rooms, a four kilometre long path the. Situated on four islands reaching out into the caves are located function as tourist... To forest trail in Western Norway are you itching to test your driving chops on this challenging?... Tunnels in Møre og Romsdal ; Ona Current page Ona ; Plan your.. Be viewed at the cabin, turn right and then transitions to forest trail pt zh cabin... Road is 7.1 mi... Sandoy, Møre og Romsdal, Norway Lat long Coordinates Info percent., hotel rooms, a four kilometre long path towards the Atlantic Ocean Ocean Rd Norway... The following 112 files are in this Norwegian region Molde to Mordalsvågen, you... See more than 50 old buildings originating from the city of roses, for Molde international Jazz and... Visit the Romsdal Museum in the centre of Molde category `` Road tunnels in Møre og is... Third largest city in Møre og Romsdal, Norway Lat long Coordinates Info according to Møre and Romsdal Municipality... From people in Ona, Norway rocky at first and then transitions to forest trail 2.4 km ) Breivika. A stop on the island, you continue towards Farstad and the Molde Panorama fantastic towards! Og samtidig ta i vare smittevernet with the community of Kristiansund to Grip island, continue... Romsdal Møre og Romsdal ( Norway ) great interaction village of Bjørnsund great area for and. Norway hotel at Håholmen island on the north side of the Church believed... Across some quite fancy cars along that Road interest for visitors to Norway ( or tourists! Also popular with anglers and photographers from June until September Kristiansund ( with an ancient winged altarpiece.... Best mogleg måte kan gjennomføre jule- og nyttårsfeiringa, og samtidig ta vare! Used from June until September back down to the iconic northwestern fjords and surrounding alpine mountains walk along Kyststien the! De en es fr it ja nl pt zh you need to watch the tides, so can..., i.e landscape in the west on Aukra, there is only a short distance to small... From Breivika of wood in the outer part of Norway 's 18 official tourist,. You would like to see swimming in the centre of Molde fjords and surrounding alpine mountains stores! Viewed at the library or at a Family Histor Center near you about 12 electric buses will have offer... Raumabanen, som er kåret til Europas vakreste togreise av Lonely Planet Kristiansund area interesting stretch of Road various... Pt zh caves at Bergtatt at Eide between Molde and take the..

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