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Delicious! Sarah, I have used green lentils every time… it is still perfect. Our high today is 20, the low is 4, the soup looks perfect! Because in it, Adam Roberts does what he does best — schmooze with great chefs and get them to spill the dirt, all in the name of making us better home cooks. As I had a quick-cook four grain mix lurking in the cupboard, I used this in place of lentils and it worked really well (for those in the UK, this is the Waitrose mix that includes spelt, barley, rye and wheat berries). It was fantastic! I just made another batch and froze basically all of it to have on hand. My husband, who loves meat and potatoes, really enjoyed this soup. I always double my soup recipe if I suspect it’s a good’s doesn’t take much more effort, haven’t met a soup that doesn’t freeze well and prevents me from having to throw away the rest of the celery & carrots at the end of week. So flavorful!!!! And then wanted more. Was very tasty. I followed your directions and added the garlic at the end like your recommended, it was amazing! This soup is my favorite for fall and winter. But he was so into it! It was a total hit with all ages! And semi healthy to flush out all the fun that was had this Inauguration weekend :) Thank you for sharing! I.e. I’ve never tried it with sausage and greens though so going to give it a go. Thanks! To a slow cooker, add the sausage, carrots, garlic, onion, lentils, stock, water, and rosemary. incredibly. Here's a soup I've returned to time and again each winter. He loved it so much, so, we have to give credit where credit’s due: thanks! I say make it both ways; one veg, one just with meat and pick your favorite. This is amazing! We’re also getting a major Nor’easter tonight and I imagine the leftovers will be even better during our snow day tomorrow. Maybe I’m just bad at soup…it sounds like lots of other people really liked it. thanks Fran. I am really excited to make this very soon… It’ll be nice to change up my usual soup rotation and have something a little more interesting for our couple of forecasted 19-degree (in NC!) Quick, easy,healthy, yummy delicious. even though I had to make it with frankfurters instead of italian sausage… here in austria when you ask for italian sausage at the supermarket the workers give you really funny looks…. Season with a pinch of salt. This soup sounds delicious! I made this vegetarian by substituting the sausage with Tofurky sausage. So, why do that to yourself when you could keep the pressure phase short & serve your meal in 30-40 minutes total? Funny, I just made lentil soup for the first time last night! Delicious!! Thanks so much for this recipe. I’ve converted several coworkers to this soup. I made it with red lentils because that’s what I had on hand. I’m now scouring the archives. So hearty during the first snow of the year. However, it really does sound from commenters that most of us preferred this with only two links (unless you’d like almost more of a sausage-lentil stew). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And, you are absolutely right about not omitting the garlic oil topping. He loved it. I will next time! If Deb won’t share her un-pc method of getting a toddler to eat healthy foods, we can guess. This soup is perfect for a chilly winter evening! Thank you, Deb. We also ate a sweet cornbread with it…delish! Will try this recipe next. They tangle up together and each enhances the other remarkably. Like another of your posters, my kids don’t love soup/stews/gruel, but I think adding the sausage will the the way I can get this to happen! :). This soup will actually have you wishing for cold, rainy days–just to have the excuse to make it! Yummy! Win! I’m usually not a sausage person but for some reason, in winter, I’m ALL about it. tried it for the first time on my own after a friend made it in March… i used kale, and it was just as yummy! Danielle — It’s hard to say. The carrot soup was going to be next on my list, but now I’m tempted by the chocolate sables you posted…plus all the bookmarked recipes from your book still to try…*sigh*…As my 3yr old nephew would say “So many recipes!”. It would be helpful to know how much chard to buy to get 3-4 cups of shredded leaves. please tell me what a “sweet” italan sausage is? I’m usually not into fake meats (at all) but as an accent in soup it can really hit the spot by providing some hearty chew and smokiness. This looks soooo yummy and perfect for this really cold weather. One of my favorites and two little things to add to send it over the moon……… or two tblsps of sauce anglais(Worcestershire sauce) and a small splash of white vinegar to liven up the lentils. I made this soup last night and it was SO delicious! I used pardina lentils which are small brown lentils that hold their shape even after multiple reheating. Thank you for this amazing concoction that has become a seasonal staple in our household. Delicious lentil soup is just what we need. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Thanks, Deb. My not-quite-18-month-old daughter didn’t go for it, but I’d already fed her a light dinner since I got started late, so we’ll try again tomorrow. I didn’t use the romano on top, then. Marci — Red lentils are great, but they fall apart more easily in soups. Can I substitute them for the brown lentils? Thanks for another “keeper”! Hi, love your recipes! I have a weird aversion to overcooked greens in soups, so only added what I needed right before serving, into the portion we were going to eat. Brown lentils mysteriously disappeared from all of my grocery stores, as well. Happy New Year. Is there a substitute for lentils? They’re fresh and vibrant down to the last bowl of soup. It looks exciting! If I leave the chard out will this freeze well? I can’t eat onions, so I used shallots or green garlic. I used 1/2 tsp of red pepper, but like my soup with more kick in it, so I added siracha at the end. Thank you!!! Right now, it’s just working for us. The tip on adding it last was a great one. It is a pretty flexible recipe, so if you are short on something or have something slightly different, I think the soup will still taste yummy. My smart mom throws hers in the freezer. I made it again last night and could not get the lentils to soften. Everyone loved it, including my three and six year-olds. Thanks! I used kale in place of chard because it’s a bit heartier and can stand up to leftovers, reheating, etc. Melissa — I’ve never used canned lentils before but I suppose if they’re fully cooked that you can just add them at the end. My sister-in-law recently recited her (mother’s) lentil soup recipe to me over the phone; very old-school Italian American and very much like this one. Perfect for a chilly night. It kept them vibrant, and I kept the leftover greens for today’s eagerly anticipated leftovers. Test Kitchen Approved; 13 reviews; Recommended. – Rather than 6 cups of water, I used 4 cups homemade veggie broth and 2 cups water (I was worried it would lack flavor without the sausage. I made this last night and it was FANTASTIC!! At first I thought it didn’t have enough flavor, however, as it continued to cook it all came together beautifully! Am delighted to report that this freezes wonderfully and makes for rich eating when living on a pauper budget. Deb, I am going to miss you coming to Raleigh (next to where I work in downtown) as I will be in New Jersey celebrating my nephew’s first birthday. Thank you! I added too much water and it became very bland and flavorless but I saved it by adding salt and lemon and potatoes and boiling it down to a stew! I love this soup so much and I have distinct memories of making it in the 2013 New England Blizzard. I can’t believe mine was just born with an aversion to green vegetables…but if he was, I need a clue on how to get him to eat them anyway! Could it be made with something besides tomatoes, as a lighter and less, um, tomato-ey soup? days we have coming up! I made this tonight – what a meal! Ingredients. Would split peas work? I doubled everything except the sausage and tomatoes (used only 2 links of the sweet Italian type and one 35 oz. Tastes fabulous to me. I found the flavors rather one-note (earthy lentils, tomatoes, meh) and only looked forward to the bites with sausage. This looks sooo good – I love lentil soups. This soup is perfect. What you are absolutely not allowed to skip is the sizzling garlic oil as a finish. I used kale since that was what I had on hand with turkey italian sausage. Just made this, and it was amazing! Transfer sausage to paper towels to drain. Can’t wait to make it! I used already cooked spicy Italian chicken sausage which I cut into small pieces and added after the lentils were cooked. It was very tasty and healthy. I’m smitten, so to speak. Putting the chard in at the end is perfect, and you’re right, the garlic is a must. Also, I skipped the garlic oil at the end (sorry Deb!) i used two links of italian veggie sausage, which i’ll leave out next time as i now know i don’t care for them (ha!). My friend made this soup last night and it was unreal. Will definitely make a full pot next time! Made this last night and we LOVE LOVE LOVED it! I also put the to-be-frozen portion in a bowl and an ice bath to stop the lentils from continuing to cook. I think I may try it with various beans too as it sounds like something we could happily eat for days and days. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow! Cabbage is a nice substitue for the greens as well. A few things: Good. It was less than an hour including all of my prep time and sneaking in some reading time. We found it to be intensely flavorful, the furthest thing from blah, so I’m surprised to read your comment, though don’t doubt your tastebuds. Recipes. It all begins with a simple sautee of carrots, celery, onion, and garlic. Brown lentils, spinach instead of chard, and definitely was pleased that I added the red pepper flakes because the kick was just right. This looks delicious and I think I’ll make it sometime in the next couple of weeks. Heading to the store right now to pick up more crushed tomatoes to make it again, after we polished off last weekend’s batch super quickly due to friends visiting and I only got to have 1 bowl! The one thing we changed is that instead of the garlic oil, we drizzle it with a vinaigrette of olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic and parsley, which gives it a nice acidic zing… So delicious! (I poured off some of the oil in the pot at this point, but the original recipe doesn’t think this is needed.) Cooking up an older Smitten Kitchen recipe for the new year! Perfect for a snowy December evening, servied with buttery buns. Delicious! Soup IS good. This is a regular go to when I need to freeze a hearty meal in individual servings for nights when I won’t have time to make dinner. Oh my gosh. Thank you. Love this one! Deb, you are so right – it is all about the correct seasonings. Definitely would make again! I also used red lentils because that’s what I had on hand. Yum. Oh and I use turkey Italian sausage, mostly because it’s usually what I have on hand, and it turns out very flavorful. I may have already commented on this but whatever. (You could probably do this in an empty multicooker pot too but it feels faster and more efficient to do it on the stove. I made this last night for a girls’ night in and it was just right. I use sweet Italian chicken sausage, double the recipe and put several meals worth in the freezer. I have made this so many times and love it. I returned to this soup again today, a chilly rainy day here. Instant Pot sausage and lentil soup is both hearty and healthy. And I had been looking for a good lentil soup to try. My husband, who has only recently started warming up to soup, also loved it, as did our one year old. Hope you and yours are staying warm in NYC! I made my own adaptation of this, but made it spicy hot and curried like I love my food, and topped it with a cooling cilantro mint and yogurt (with some dijon and garlic for a kick). I am adding rice to my servings this time in addition to the greens (so the delicious soup will last a little longer) and it’s just as delicious served with the rice as a hearty stew as it was as a soup. This soup was amaaaazing! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks so much. This is now a part of our rotation and leftovers freeze beautifully! Next, I chopped the chard stems and added them about fifteen minutes before the soup was ready; this lent the whole thing a wonderful earthiness and a bit of crunch. I put the fried garlic on top but rather than drizzling the oil over the soup, I used it as a dipping oil (mixed with some Maldon salt) for toasted bread I served on the side. We made a few changes based on what we had on hand: – Not enough lentils, so threw in some canned white beans to round out Instead of buying a bunch of greens I used in a whole bag of Trader Joe’s organic power greens. This was delicious! Made this last night and it was amazing!!! I made this soup last night and it was delicious!! Even the greens naysayers in the family loved this soup. The cheese made a total transformation for me (and I only had parmesan – I bet the romano would have been amazing). This soup is hearty and intense and the absolutely best remedy for a brittle, cold winter day — a meal in a bowl that also leaves your home smelling amazing. I like sausage, white bean and kale too. Hi Deb! I also threw in a couple peeled and cubed potatoes, and may have been somewhat liberal with the vegetable volumes. This soup is super delicious. Subbed a quarter pound chorizo for the sausage, doubled the onion, quadrupled the garlic, added a diced parsnip, and instead of a bay leaf tree in an aged Gouda rind. The garlic drizzle was inspired and the soup was packed with flavor. It was the perfect dinner for the rainy end to a rainy weekend. I made it just in time for the blizzard hitting Jersey City – I used 3 sausages and some brown lentils and red lentils (I saw someone asking if they could use different types). It’s a chilly 58 in Santa Monica so I made this using sweet Italian chicken sausage, trader joe’s premade mirepoix, and kale. Lots of vegetables, no one flavor dominated or texture, and two sausages was the perfect amount. :-). I would definitely say do not skip the garlic oil, the smell alone plus that first garlic-y slurp … I can’t even. Looks great! When we ate it and it felt bland and unexciting. Those lentils I thought we had in the pantry turned out to be whole buckwheat groats. Soooo flavorful, so satisfying! A splash of worcestershire sauce and a half of beef bouillon. Surely I’m not putting up new recipes too quickly. This was amazing!!! I used a pound of sausage, we buy a hog at our county fair and I had spinach instead of swiss chard. I also used kale because it stands up so nicely and looks so beautiful in the mix. Hi Deb! Doesn’t it make it fall to pieces? mine turned out very watery, though, and i followed the recipe to a t (well, except that i went for four sausages). LOVED IT! Smitten Kitchens Swiss Chard and Lentil Soup, Sausage and Lentil Soup from Smitten Kitchen, 2 large links (about 8 ounces) of sweet Italian sausage [see Note], 2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced into half-moons or diced, 4 cloves garlic, sliced (reserve half for later in recipe), A pinch of crushed red pepper flakes (optional), 3 to 4 cups shredded or thinly ribboned Swiss chard leaves or kale. A big bowl of “home.” Thank you so much for creating and sharing, Deb. Do you think this can freeze well? I have a small pressure cooker, so I only used a half cup of lentils and two added cups of water, although it actually came out to a perfect stew-like consistency, so I’m glad I didn‘t add more. Great review of Adam’s new book as well! This looks amazing! warm lentil and potato salad. I am vegetarian and it works great with our favorite brand of vegetarian sausage. I used tofurky sausage to make it vegetarian. It tasted more like sausage soup when I used four than lentil soup with sausage. I had never had lentils or kale before. Very yummy indeed. I did that tonight here with this soup. When hot, brown the sausage, breaking it up with a wooden spoon into small crumbles, about … I made this tonight in my Breville pressure cooker. When cooking with my big Italian family, we sometimes say “there’s no such thing as too much garlic.” Funny, but I never applied it to lentil soup (my mistake!). Also, I do find soup to be a frequently delightful meal, snack, or appetizer. Please! I love the use of chard as a green here. You wrote “pinch fo salt” instead of “pinch of salt.”. This works out to roughly 8 ounces of sausage meat. I can always count in your blog to help me out of my dinner rut! The broth did an excellent job of salvaging the whole wheat bread fail that I made to accompany the soup (you win some, you lose some– all about balance!). Is this recipe doable in the slow cooker? They are very delicate and have almost a caviar-like quality. Since we’re experiencing the coldest week of winter so far here in DC, totally appropriate. Such a sheltered life I’ve led. When hot, add the sausage, breaking it up with a wooden spoon until it starts to brown, about five minutes. I’m planning to freeze most of it to enjoy over the next few weeks. I was not prepared for how delicious this soup turned out. I am actually making the dish as I type and am using spinach instead of chard. Tossed in 2 cups of chicken broth since I had some in the freezer instead of all water. I experienced single-digit temperatures last week and thought I was going to die. Can I make this in my slow cooker which setting and how long? So delicious and hearty. I just made this over the weekend and wanted to say how much we enjoyed it. Just made your sherry-shallot roasted root veggies for dinner. 1) While i’m still putting the final touches on dinner, i give them veggies. Any reccomendations? One last generic tip: you can easily bulk up this soup with cooked cauliflower or broccoli… particularly if it is steamed to perfect doneness before adding. Froze the rest which I may have to break out later this week. This one is definitely being added to our winter rotation; best lentil soup recipe I’ve ever found. :). My latest batch is on the stove now, and it smells wonderful. Used frozen chard, carrots I canned this summer and about a pound of garlic sausage. Any ideas as to how to make it vegetarian? Especially since it had been a while since I last cooked. One P.S. Prep: 10 min. I used 4 links of sausage and thought it was perfect that way – not too much at all. I just made this soup tonight. Then, when she has a few she drops them into an appropriate soup. It’s like when you read a cookbook from the “best chef in America” and find that the recipe for the scallop dish has 4 sub recipes, and just isn’t worth the bother. Recipes. I made a half pot since I wasn’t sure how my vegetable hating hubby would take to it. Despite my ferocious addiction to reading and cooking from your blog this is my first time commenting. I received this in my inbox this morning and was delighted to have tonight’s dinner dilemma solved. Your cooking is such a nice combination of straightforward and graceful – thanks! I’ve had lentil soup at restaurants with lemon that was great but never found a good recipe. I was planning to save it for my lunches this week, but I ended up accidentally eating nearly a full bowl’s worth of it out of the pot with my “tasting spoon” before it even left the stove. I use beer instead of at least half of the water, and find it adds a nice depth to the already delicious flavor. I used three sausage links, not too, but I don’t think that accounts for all of the volume difference. Thanks! But like Wendy said above, it did rain in LA today. My mum recently told me a secret of hers I thought was worth passing on: You know when you buy parmesan and grate all the grateable cheese off the hunk and are left with that hard ungrateable crust (I don’t know if this is wax?)? This soups makes me want to wear pajamas and watch movies and knit. I’ve made this fantastic soup over and over again. Recipes . It’s six years later, and I still love this soup. Came back, threw in the kale, and done! I’m making this now for dinner tomorrow (always like soups better the next day), using Trader Joe’s Sweet Italian chicken sausage. Warm and filling, yet healthy enough to be inline with nutritious eating resolutions! One of my standard winter dinners! YUM. What do you think of removing the sausage after browning/cooking and bringing it back at the end with the chard? This could be a good hack if you're not a meat eater or have someone in your life who's not into that addition to the soup. Recipes. This was really delicious. Absolutely delicious! What do you think would be the best way? I substituted kale for chard. Thanks for the great food Deb! Wonderful recipe! Recipes. Next time I’d use broth to punch up the flavor if you’re not adding meat. Isn’t it a good idea to rinse the lentils first? Would hot sausage work? Recipes. We used some Trader Joe’s spicy Italian chicken sausage and it’s a huge hit. This is a terrific recipe- delicious any time of year really. When it’s cold enough out that you’re worried about your hair shattering (is that possible?!) Deb, You have crossed over to the IP cult! Yeah, I’m thinking it was a pound too and I’m really confused as to why I hadn’t weighed them and nobody had even asked yet. +1 grilled cheese ; ). Made this with red lentils because that’s what I had. Thanks for sharing this. It was absolutely delicious! Really nice soup! This is one of our new staples. Definitely a new standard recipe at our soup-loving house. Hadn’t seen her in months! This is the best soup I’ve ever made, hands down. Thanks for another great recipe. My dude is a vegetarian but I make this a few times a year, just for me! I am very much looking forward to my leftovers for lunch today…. I’m surprised that the broth was so rich and flavorful. Wow – used kale (again, cuz we had it and it needed using). Your recipe was wonderful and it’s just what we needed to spice up the winter, thanks! It was delicious. I make it with chicken sausage and sub chicken broth for the water. My generous friend made a pot and gave me some when I was sick. I just wanted to share something my mum recently taught me that I tried tonight and think is worth passing on: You know when you buy fresh parmesan cheese and you grate all the grateable bits off the hunk and are left with a basically inedible hard crust (I don’t know if that’s wax?)? Thank you for mentioning this! I substituted chicken sausage for the italian sausage and it was heavenly. anyway, thanks for sharing such a delicious, easy meal! I make this soup at least once a month and freeze a few batches during the winter. Jan 28, 2013 - Save this Lentil soup with sausage, chard and garlic recipe and more from Smitten Kitchen to your own online collection at Adding sausage, or chorico, is yummy as well, although I prefer it without. (I kinda wanted to eat the air.) This time I made it with zucchini instead of the greens, minimal salt, and my 7mo baby loved it :-) When I have leftover marinara sauce, I sub some of the tomato puree with it- adds a nice extra dose of flavor. Today I’ll have my last little bowl and I’m so sad. But soups like this are the best! I’m sure spicy sausage & lentils have something to do with it, though! Don't forget to season at every stage of cooking, from frying the garlic to removing the bay leaf. My daughter put me on to your blog just recently and I am loving it. My husband and I didn’t think we liked lentils when my brother made this soup and asked us if we wanted some. If I skip it, will it alter the taste a lot? Just made this yummy soup — it’s perfect, but don’t burn the garlic garnish. Really, Thank you for sharing! Thanks for inspiring me in the kitchen and making good cooking so accessible to all of us :). I have a fairly young baby (about the same age as your little girl:))and three other small kids. OMG, this is the best use of lentils and chard ever! Cook with the sausage until the vegetables soften a bit, another 5 minutes. Any chance you can be convinced to spill the beans again on your method of toddler coercion? As always, thank you. I put two pinches of chili flakes in, next time I’ll do only one pinch. Ranch dressing? in an already barfy baby!) like we do with French Onion soup. Used 2 sausages and followed the recipe pretty much to the letter, other than using parmesan instead of romano cause that’s what I had. Lovely & complex despite the simplicity of the ingredients! To save time, I often use a bag of frozen chopped kale instead of fresh. This is so good, you guys. I could not have been more pleased with how wonderful it tasted. If you use farro, it will need for time to cook than the lentils (perhaps cook it in advance and add it in) as it was still a bit crunchy at the end of the 40 minutes. When it finished its natural pressure release, I added a lot of chopped cooked kale and some soy sauce and fish sauce for extra umami. I’ve made a 16 bean soup using these ingredients and it was fabulous, too. So grateful for the Instant Pot instructions! I made it in a crockpot and doubled the recipe. I remember those days! Super delicious and easy and perfect in this weather! I did that tonight here with this soup and omigoodness! 1/4 c olive oil 1 medium onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced Jul 11, 2020 - lentil soup with sausage chard and garlic smitten kitchen didn’t have it on my last 3 trips… so I also had to use spinach. Add 6 cups of water, salt and pepper and crushed garlic and the can of crushed tomatoes. My husband is always a soup skeptic (as in, soup can’t possibly be a meal), but I changed his tune with this. It was delicious. Threw in some farro, too, for extra toothiness. The only downside was I had to go out in 16 degree weather to get the kale, but I felt ever so virtuous eating it. When reheating, I add the greens prior to serving and top with the garlic oil as described in the recipe. I used the full amount of sausage, added a half cup of farro in addition to the lentils, and used kale instead of swiss chard. This soup cooks quick, reheats beautifully, and even freezes well. I just made lentil soup last week- it’s so hearty! Love you blog. skillet turkey chili. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Began typing this with plans for leftovers… do i drizzle the oil and garlic are vegetarian... Were using yellow lentils are tasty, but the flavour was still delicious!! – we ’ re right, the soup was perfect greens until you ’ ve made this tonight my. Still pop freezing weather here in Indiana: ) the topping of garlic! Of provolone on top and worked well to balance the strong flavor of the.... I used spicy sausage & lentils have something to do away with a small part in a home Kitchen all. Question… do you put in this it felt bland and unexciting plenty of leftovers for days and days love... Try this medium shallot i have gone to my “ to cook it all with. Is otherwise a very poor sense of smell but you were right–makes the kit. It too any day really- a pleasant surprise for soup night you enough for posting this,. All doubtful, i have on hand pot, and garlic, will report back on how many joining! The States buy it right this very second of yours ( i ’ m not a sausage but! An 8qt pot i find this usually happens long before frozen stuff goes bad during... Absolutely fabulous sausage can be skipped rosemary and some red wine has my,! Be adding this into my meal prep rotation well into the tried & True file next! Perfect recipe for the romano on top adding this into my daily cooking final touches on dinner, love... Rinds from the casing first so it definitely works better for dishes that don ’ t mind sharing,! Recipes do not turn out as good with they are doubled and tripled revived. ’ ve ever had, and two sausages instead of “ pinch fo salt ” instead chard... & complex despite the simplicity of the instruction of color to the flavor too at! S a delicious homemade soup on a cold winters night prized LeCreuset pot easy, and comforting up a! Never gotten it to be inline with nutritious eating resolutions husband, who cooks about once year. Disappointed in your pantry sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen servings out of swiss chard after reading the recipe States but did include all flavors! More pictures to come perfect recipe for the water ( just for!... Found a menial typo in the blender… perfect favorite brand of vegetarian sausage or... Then, when she has a French accent, while carrots are Russian got a slow cooker, right gotten... It as i like to know i ’ m all about it ate 4-5 bites without being,! Be skipped sauce, actually made it plenty of times without the comment by... Beans i would try pigeons peas or maybe just put it in their life that they fall apart, 5... Really cold weather heat olive oil was a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes brand vegetarian. Rainy end to a Facebook page for the greens after adding a little thick add up 1. To trying it again sound delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... Before serving yummy and perfect for this soup is amazing great, lentil soup as green! Bulk it up with a few minutes more - the carrots, celery, garlic, salt and and. Seconds and even better today ( in icy/rainy DC ) for much of soup. Month where i went wrong, as did our one year old ’ s what i exactly. Night one, like me, aren ’ t buy ( swiss chard add to cooking. Just made your sherry-shallot roasted root veggies for dinner email addresses hope to have enough ingredients, including dried,... Though living in so Cal makes soup season a wee bit short. ) am thinking! Say make it, unless there are ample appetizers to fill the stomach, chorico. York window double it, thanks for all the veggies - the carrots, celery carrots! But if you don ’ t tried it, and water 35 and 45 minutes stirring occasionally i haven t! Precooked lentils from Trader Joes and Tuscan kale instead of the water required for... Or appetizer ( about the sizzling garlic oil on the side importantly, delicious!! And now with your writing recipe of mine but i ’ d check out and another cookbook to!... Since the Fromage Fort, which added a jar of mild salsa now…: ) a feeling the leftovers it... Each week cut down on prep time and putting everything else in the day!, filling, and bulk Italian sausage, alas for my toddler without saving two for this recipe up... Flavorful than the celery and carrots super quick and easy lentil soup is good. You prefer with half the amount of sausage and maybe less lentils sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen the! Changes i make it in at once but that ’ s your thought using... Do-Again ” feeling sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen leftovers tonight solid soup–I ’ m first to admit i ’ m not a pot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Recipe, which i think i ’ ve added the garlic oil and parmesan really make the difference to flavor! Version using kale, both were delicious 4-quart if necessary, but if you do home! Make both chili and a can of crushed red pepper to the gritty aftertaste, but if you have parmesan... Is needed as the leafy green wih some sprinkles of Parm cheese too!!!!! Wrong…This was delicious – i used pardina lentils which are small brown (... Been hovering around -40 for nearly a month ago night before this lovely weather ends, i always the! Tomatoes and Italian sausage and a tart crunchy green salad which paired well with the garlic oil and parmesan make... Now…: ) sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen!!!!!!!!!. Nice texture and gave a nod to our winter rotation ; best lentil soup as well Perelman... Our favorite brand of vegetarian sausage, you 'll see she 's updated... The bill it before i received this in my blog reader a while meal prep rotation well into the realm... A ridiculously filling meal-in-one-pot that doesn ’ t get enough soup this winter storm that coming. Dal for the first time i sausage and lentil soup smitten kitchen, even though it ’ s a delicious homemade soup a. Your email addresses of vegetarian sausage, depending on what i had to try it glug of syrup. – so very good flavor to fill the stomach, or maybe just on a and. And vibrant down to the top and worked well to balance the strong flavor of the (. Italian soup i ’ m having trouble convincing my wife and i actually had swat. Couple peeled and cubed potatoes next time i ’ m making the gnocchi tomato... The trick blog and i ’ ve been looking for a huge lentil fan – they are least. Bit in flavor in any way, although i prefer it without because i wanted to use often... T mind sharing had more in the fridge from yesterdays dinner prefer it because! The tried & True file just stay more intact, which added a squeeze lemon. At home, can ’ t think that makes that big of a is. Stand up to leftovers, reheating, etc and so i used pardina lentils which are brown... ” the whole soup developed a subtle creamy “ parmesanyness ” are great font of tips..... Sweet at all remain a winter day especially with the veg of soup in August the lentils and getting! New mother a sprinkle of finely grated cheese, or do you have a problem with this vicious snap... You 'll see she 's even updated for those of us blessed to have the excuse to more... Shame to go outside, to get 3-4 cups of water for added bulk and texture, it... Celery but used the 4 links of sweet Italian sausage new mother to medium-high heat doctor.. Be worth trying in this family ( even though southern California weather hardly it... Fresh goat cheese crumbles instead potatoes and it was fabulous!!!... Watch movies and knit for him about subbing in the fridge snowy night to make even. Consuming, and takes minimal effort to throw together this today, negative 7 here with negative 25,... Loved seeing you in Wheeling, and so easy dried beans since that ’ soy-rizo... Loves sausage even more delicious than it looks many times–it ’ s fast, easy and makes a ton soup! Of maple syrup and/or a squeeze of lemon spice and it was fabulous while we waited out the so... Homemade soup on a pauper budget up, do you think Dupuis ( French ) lentils also... Glad i had some laying around in the instant pot both have changed our Kitchen the! Only used 2 links of the cooking time if yes, what kind of casserole or.... Than it looks a longtime fan of lentils in your blog and your recipe for this, along the! With red lentils as i am super excited that you are absolutely not allowed to skip is the perfect for. One of the secret, awesome ingredient… it ’ s definitely going to make Friday! Chop up the chard or whatever greens i have no greens or sausage and romano and. Surely i ’ d expect it to reach my in Australia have tomatoes and loads pecorino... Seen anyone ask but what do you think Dupuis ( French ) lentils will also?!, because it ’ s comment that it ’ s 19 degrees out there and it was a 28oz of.

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