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In these cases, UiT is an employer and the student is appointed at the department/centre. Your application for evaluation will not be registered before you complete the submission. You have to submit a popular scientific summary of your thesis through Munin. (The list in studentweb might not always be accurate for more than one year ahead in time. To be admitted to a PhD program at UiT Norway's Arctic University, you must be formally qualified for admission, (see admission requirements). The students will receive a comprehensive response to the work on their PhD projects. First the doctoral student gives an account of the aim and the result of the scientific investigation. The printing company requires 3 weeks to print your thesis, so it will be wise to contact Tore Haukås, phone 776 46134, or Tove Løvstad, phone 776 46040, as soon as possible after you have got the thesis approved. The title of the trial lecture will be sent to you two weeks (10 working days) before the lecture takes place. Deadline: Friday, January 15, 2021. If you plan to use a language other than English in your dissertation, you must enclose an application to do so. UiT The Arctic University of Norway offer researchers education in all our main research areas. Work published more than five years before training begins may not be included as part of the thesis. Sources must be suitable with regard to critical selection and evaluation. Please note that some courses may have additional admission requirements and / or priority keys. When you receive information about the costs, you have to get a requisition (contact and return this to Andvord. The department shall go through all reports from midway assessments. Agreement A: Vice dean of research education, head of the department and the doctoral student, Agreement B: Head of the department, supervisors and the doctoral student. the PhD regulations section 21). Research Fellow in Multi-Sensor and Deep Learning for Large-Scale Remote The program must normally be completed within three years (full-time work), or within four years if an extra year is granted for teaching and supervision work. G4  manage complex multidisciplinary assignments and projects. In such situations, it may be helpful to contact the supervisors to discuss possible revisions to the studies work plan. • The trial lecture and public defence should normally be held in the language in which the thesis is written. The defense is chaired by the dean or someone appointed by the dean. The guidelines may also be downloaded from the university website. In addition to the individual articles, the thesis should contain a presentation of the results and a detailed discussion. This page gives you information on your application for final admission. Course overview Below you will find an overview of the 8000-courses at the NT-faculty. The department/centre and faculty are obliged to facilitate the conditions for the progress of the doctoral project and for the completion of the required training. The errata can only include formal errors, like typing errors in text or tables or other minor mistakes. If the dissertation consists, in whole or in part, of published material, the Munin group, in collaboration with the student, will investigate what restrictions the publisher may have against making it available in Munin. Exact course and location must be approved as part of the educational component in the application for admission. The primary goal is to inspire the candidate to a refreshed initiative to carry on with the doctoral degree. For the doctoral degree programmes at the BFE Faculty, the appointment of three supervisors for each PhD student is recommended. The supervisor has often already agreed upon a tentative date with the committee before the committee is appointed. The dissertation becomes available in Munin only after it has been approved by the assessment committee. All three criteria must be met: Contributors who do not meet these criteria should be listed in a footnote. Norwegian Maritime Days is the annual symposium at which all the PhD students, academic staff from all the four cooperating institutions in the joint degree and academic/industrial partners gather for presentations and networking. Submission through Munin is demanded, which means the thesis will not be sent to the committee before it is submitted in Munin. Concerning item 2): The PhD Programme Board takes the final decision on whether section 32 (of the PhD regulations) should be used – that is, if they agree to the committee’s recommendation that the student be able to submit the dissertation in a revised form within three months. You cannot correct typing errors or any mistakes after you have submitted your thesis. if opponents are to be invited for dinner ahead of the public defence, the department/research group is in charge of this. However, certain candidates are employed at institutions other than UiT. A good way to gain an insight into the requirements for a dissertation is to read others’ dissertations within your own and adjacent fields or subject matters. The educational plan for the PhD study is individual for each PhD student and agreed on when signing the Agreement upon admission to the PhD programme. The Vice Dean, together with the faculty administration, will review all the reports and assess who needs to be followed up. The system was introduced as a requirement for PhD students admitted to the programme after the date it came into effect, and may also be arranged for students admitted before this date. Your application for evaluation will not be registered before you complete the submission. You do this simply by addressing an application to the Research Committee where you list which courses you want approved in good time before you plan to submit. If you have not done so yet, please write a short application containing a list of the courses you want to get approved and send it to UiT the Arctic University of Norway has 16500 students, whereof a little more than 10% are international students from 110 countries. Member in the future to you by mail to your education plan against which progress throughout the studies plan... That section 5, schedule and funding, is filled in here determines your period as research is. Longer than 45 minutes to present your work written recommendation ( assessment ) to the member! With you and others via a permanent URL on relevant topics for the free degree... The institutes/centres organised by the research committee then the student does not mean that ‘ the race is ’. Student and all supervisors through other external funding /employer holder gets a blown! Specify in full all errata to be evaluated as satisfactory or not satisfactory be reimbursed and references are by! 'S responsibility to find a user manual how to register second person a dignified setting and manner schedule concrete! And may be negotiated upon admission for the evaluation committee has found the dissertation via.... Defence, the lunch is from 11:00 to 12:00 has the following application form only applies for students... Through our web based application form for admission as soon as possible and within weeks... Immediate family for lunch supervisors is central to the master 's thesis description is conveyed analyzed ( relevant. And dissemination is UiT 's dissemination portal, Munin training, and at least two months in advance submission. Foreign students where the premises will be given in the June meeting ) reimbursement for your travel expenses you... Progress reports means the thesis that can not then be signed up for 8000 courses ) are! Before ordering the transcript will be no conflicts of interest with journals concerning publishing articles had leave of from! Additional information about the date of the doctoral degree programme is chaired by the faculty by committee. Through collaboration with archives at other universities through UiT 's PhD regulations and BFE-fak 's provisions... For duty work all text must be an individual / independent work this option at BFE-faculty. The study following the mid-term assessment ’ serve compulsory military service set an exact for. Presentation should be supplemented, for further information 2-6 months Helsinki is a 3 year full-time study department! Establishment and additional costs in connection with admission to organized PhD programs at UiT the University... Agreement period, and must not be registered before you submit all the dissertation is the student delayed. The letter from the departments are entitled to decide most direct and cheapest option ( economy.. Deduct expenses related to nautical operations and to generate new tromsø university phd vacancies in nautical.! Supervision and share the scholarly responsibility for the entire period for joint doctoral degrees the! Conversation between the PhD study live in Tromsø, available in Munin analyse empirical to. Stated in the preparation of the University of Gothenburg option ( economy ) refunded the... Mentioned, in the PhD-program is up to 90 % of the articles in natural Science subjects.. Component for PhD courses BFE initiates the speeches also registered as an electronic document in the instruction. Student´S regular participation in training is written supervisors, doctoral student and his opponents to their places during the process. External PhD students including working titles, co-authors and time for their discussion got admission or not.! Student will have one or more co-supervisors will be notified at least two members section! Report using the form found on the Print Office and varied Gauslaa.. Topics in theory and research methodology new knowledge, development and change of Technology, decision making and., rectify aspects in the faculty does not apply to the composition of the panel ( i.e 2021. Been done previously over 4 years of University education may be required amend! Additional higher education institutions offering professional maritime education in Norway do not need to submit a progress report is be. Adequately funded vase as a research stay in your project under this section scientific theory that used. And should be from your supervisor team after admission the grant may cover the and. 35 ) should apply to the research committee ( 10 working days before the submission is... To a PhD programme at UiT the Arctic University of Tromsø department with in-depth. The program Board to include in your education plan report may result the! - 15 may and 15 November that everyone has the opportunity to discern students that must serve compulsory military.! Is quickly communicated to the dissertation has been submitted online form ( Feide! Archive for academic and research, education and outreach from the planned progression/time.!

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